Camping and Bugs- How to Keep The Bugs Away

An adventure into the woods can be fun and entertaining, but care should be taken to keep the bugs away. There are varieties of insects that aren’t parasites, while there are those that would bite the living hell out of your body if given the opportunity. These set of insects are made up of mosquitoes, […]

10 tips on How to Avoid Food Spoilage While Camping

Food spoilage is one of the significant problems campers tend who love to camp with perishable food items such as meat, vegetables, and cheese face. With the unavailability of refrigerators, preserving this category of food items could be pretty tasking and difficult for campers. This article aims at educating campers on the right way to […]

How to Choose an Best Ultralight Tent for Backpacking

Choosing a camping tent can sometimes be pretty confusing, difficult, and tedious. However, always have it in mind that a fine tent should be easy to set up, weather-proof, lightweight, and durable. These attributes can make it pretty difficult for one to narrow down their preferences especially when it comes to price tag. In this article, […]

10 Essential Tips for First-Time Campers

In this article, we will be kicking around some essential tips for first-time campers. New campers sometimes get to learn some camping essentials the hard way. Asides that, some experienced campers also tend to overlook some camping essentials that could be quite detrimental to their health and environment. Listed below are some essential tips for […]