10 Essential Tips for First-Time Campers

First-Time Campers

In this article, we will be kicking around some essential tips for first-time campers. New campers sometimes get to learn some camping essentials the hard way. Asides that, some experienced campers also tend to overlook some camping essentials that could be quite detrimental to their health and environment. Listed below are some essential tips for first-time campers.

1. Familiarize yourself with your camping gear

Most times, new campers tend to wait till they get down to the campground before trying out their camping gear. Over the years, I have watched lots of new campers who take hours before they figure out how to correctly set up their tent. Get to familiarize yourself with your camping gear; try sleeping on your sleeping bag at night to see how comfortable you are on it. Practice how to set up your tent and other camping gears.

2. Purchase a tent that is huge enough

New campers most times find themselves in tents that are not big enough to accommodate them. The number of those going camping with you should be your utmost priority when buying a tent. Size and weight shouldn’t be a major concern as most of these tents can correctly fit in a car trunk. For a family of two, opt for a 4-person tent, while for a family of four you should opt for a 6-person tent etc. This happens to be one of the most excellent tips for first-time campers.

3. Create a checklist

New campers most often neglect a list. It can be pretty devastating getting to the campground and realizing you forgot an essential camping kit at home. Stay organized by creating a checklist. Make adequate use of this list while packing your camping kit, to ensure nothing is left behind. Be smart; make use of this tips for first-time campers.

4. Get to the campground early

Campers are fond of getting to the campground late. However, if you’ve never gone camping, or are unfamiliar with the campground, how are you supposed to familiarize yourself with the various rules and regulations guiding the camp-ground when you arrive late? Arrive early, and familiarize yourself with the campground. Make use of this essential tips for first-time campers.

5. Strategie your meals

A more significant amount of new campers, fail to plan their meals. Strategie your meals, have an idea of the number of meals you will be making as well as the number of people. Head to the grocery store a day or two to the departure day to have a pack of fresh food. Avoid going for munchies or buying food on your way to the campsite. Act smartly by adhering to this tip for first time campers.

6. Observe Camp Rules

Virtually all camps have rules guiding them. Observe these rules and abide by them. A noisy campsite can prevent campers from having a good night rest. Further more not abiding by these camp rules might lead to chaos and turmoil. Respect other campers’ space.

7. Reverse your RV before hand

A couple of years back, I had a funny camping experience with my kids. When we got to the campsite, I attempted backing up our RV but found it difficult to so. I had some help from other campers, who advised me to learn to reverse before hand. Avoid getting into such messy situation as I did. Be wise; learn to reverse your RV before you arrive at the campground.

8. Take along adequate clothing

New campers most times do not go camping with enough clothes. Do not forget you wouldn’t be exposed to laundry facilities hence it’s of adequate essential to bring along sufficient clothing. The type of clothing you bring along with you should be determined by the weather condition.

9. Stay away from harsh weather conditions

Camping is all about having fun, and relaxing your nerves outdoors, so you should stay away from the campground during harsh weather conditions. Such severe weather conditions can be pretty detrimental to your health.  There is nothing as uncomfortable as having to sit in your camp for days while the rain hits on your tent. Be a wise camper and adhere to this tips for first-time campers by staying away from harsh weather conditions.

10. Camp nearby

If you are a first-time camper, avoid travelling far from home during your debut camping trip. You might get to realize after your first night that you aren’t called out for such. You may run out of food, drinks, or the weather may be pretty harsh on you. A couple of events might occur, and you may want to get home early. Be wise and camp close to your home.

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