10 tips on How to Avoid Food Spoilage While Camping

Avoid Food Spoilage While Camping

Food spoilage is one of the significant problems campers tend who love to camp with perishable food items such as meat, vegetables, and cheese face. With the unavailability of refrigerators, preserving this category of food items could be pretty tasking and difficult for campers. This article aims at educating campers on the right way to preserve perishable food to avoid food spoilage while camping.

1. What’s the major challenge associated with food storage?

The primary challenge associated with food storage while camping is avoiding food spoilage. This challenge can be adequately taken care of with coolers. To keep the foods cold while in the cooler, avert frequent opening of the cooler as warm air will easily circulate and melt the ice faster. To avoid this, get two coolers; dedicate one to drinks and snacks, and the other to perishable foods. This will help prevent the rate at which these coolers are opened thereby enabling the food to stay colder for an extended period.

2. Are people good at storing their food?

Well it seems a good number of people, aren’t good at storing their food. Most of them will certainly get to learn how to do so quickly with once they get to experience tummy aches and some bodily discomfort.

3. What are the common mistakes made by people?

One of the most common mistakes campers make is leaving their food out in the open while they wander off to the woods.  When you leave your food out in the open, it will attract ravens, chipmunks, racoons, gulls, skunks and other small animals capable of wrecking a campsite within minutes.  Dispose all garbage and ensure your meals are properly secured in their containers. Place these storages in a shade and not in your tent.

4. How to preserve food from becoming rotten

To preserve food from becoming rotten, you need quality coolers. Secondly, you need to keep your drinks in a separate cooler from foods. Finally, avoid the consistent opening of the coolers as this would allow the inflow of warm air into the cooler thereby melting the ice. This is one appropriate way to avoid food spoilage while camping.

5. Freeze your food ahead of time

Freezing foods ahead of time extends their storage time and decreases the need for replacing ice. This technique is ideal for chicken which tends to spoil faster than any other type of food

6. What’s delightful about camp meals?

Camp meals always taste good and enjoyable owing to the care and events attached to its preparation. The atmosphere is cosy, we are relaxed and sharing the various preparation techniques with loved ones.

7. Should campers indulge in food hunting?

Undergoing severe stress and hard ship in a bid to enjoy the camping, isn’t necessary. You could go hunting or fishing for fun, after which you consume your catch, but that shouldn’t be a regular habit.

8. What’s the right amount of food needed for each person each day?

Everyone loves to eat, and so do campers. Participating in various outdoor recreational activities while camping will leave us exhausted with a larger quest for food. Endeavor to provide enough healthy food Eat in the morning, an energetic lunch and some snacks in the afternoon and a healthy light meal in the evening.

9. Can cooking in campground be dashing?

 If you detest feeding on chips or hot-dogs while camping, then you need not worry as campground cooking is pretty easy and convenient to carry out. You can painstakingly prepare your meals at the campground similar to the way you do cook it while at home.  With a propane grill or charcoal, a Dutch oven and two-burner stove, you can prepare anything you wish to eat at the campground. All you need to do is to adjust your recipes to suit the amount of cooking gear you are going along with

10. Are you in possession of any tips on how to prepare Gourmet foods?

The same way we prepare gourmet foods at home is the same way they are being prepared at the campsite. However, the difference between these two is the cooking technique adopted. In order to ensure you provide the best gourmet cooking technique in camp, try out the various recipes at home. This will make you adequately prepared in preparing them at the campground.

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