7 Essential Steps to Set up Camping Tent

Set up Camping Tent

The worst thing that could ever happen to a camper is finding it difficult to set up camping tent especially in cold weather, at night, during a rainy day, or when there is an upcoming wind. Before hitting the woods for some camping adventure, it’s pretty essential you learn how to set up camping tent to avoid being in a tight and awkward situation. The following outlined steps will guide you through the right way to set up camping tent. You can find the tips on how to choose the best tent for backpacking.

Step 1

Spread a trap in the area you intend setting up your tent. Bend the trap in such a way that it is slightly smaller than the tent. This is to prevent its parts from hanging out of the edges of the tent. When a trap’s edges spread beyond the edges of the tent, it collects water when it rains thereby flooding the inside of the tent. This is one of the essential steps to consider when you set up the camping tent.

Step 2

Lay all the components of your tent to ensure you’ve got it all in one piece. A reasonable number of modern tents consist of lightweight nylon, stake, and all-in-one tent poles, while others comprise of cloth coverings and poles.

Step 3

Locate the bottom of your tent and lay it in the trap. Position the doors and the windows in the direction you’d love them to face.

Step 4

After laying out the bottom of your tent on the trap, affix your tent poles by laying them across your flat tent to identify the right positions.

Step 5

Proceed to insert the poles into the corresponding positions in the tent. Most tents usually have two poles crossing each other to create an X shape, which is generally the primary frame of the tent. Poles are usually fixed into an eyelet on the tent. Make out time to read your tents manufacturers’ instructions in order to determine the most appropriate way to fix it.

Step 6

After fixing the poles, straighten the tent and raise it up. This would be easier with the help of a partner. Gently separate the corners and ensure the poles are firmly secured on their corners.

Step 7

Push the poles to the ground while fitting the metal tent stakes through the flaps close to the ground and gently push them all into the ground. Be careful when doing this, to avoid bending the stakes. If you have a rain fly, add it to your tent.

Follow these outlined steps, and in no distant time, you will be able to know how to set up camping tent.

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