Camping and Bugs- How to Keep The Bugs Away

keep the bugs away

An adventure into the woods can be fun and entertaining, but care should be taken to keep the bugs away. There are varieties of insects that aren’t parasites, while there are those that would bite the living hell out of your body if given the opportunity. These set of insects are made up of mosquitoes, ticks and lots more. However, you shouldn’t stay home and avoid camping because of bugs as there are lots of ways to keep the bugs away.

I will be kicking around some of the most outstanding ways to keep the bugs away while camping. A few things to note are that bugs love smelly items such as food and scented lotions. They love dirty and damp environment. Therefore make sure your kitchen and environment clean, avoid the use of hygiene products made with perfume scent and do not camp close to wet grassy lawns, or stagnant water. Endeavor to keep these ideas in mind and also abide by them if you wish to have a bug free camping adventure. Listed below are some of the best products that will help keep the bugs away. These products should be used outdoors as they emit lots of smokes and scent.


If you notice that the bugs aren’t pretty much, use a naturally produced bug spray to flush it all out. Lavender is one of such sprays. It is one of the most effective bug repellant sprays not made with DEET. Another natural product is garlic. Eat a lot of this raw product to ward off the bugs.


Most lightweight pants and long sleeves shirts help protect the skin from bugs. However, most times mosquitoes tend to bite through your shirt.

A couple of clothing lines manufacture clothes with insect repellent incorporated in the fabric. These clothes work perfectly well. Similarly, you can also wash your clothing and have them treated. One of the merits of wearing treated clothing is you do not have to apply toxic creams or the like on your skin.


However, there are situations whereby the bugs can be so bad that you would need to make use of sprays or creams that contain DEET. Deet products are some of the most effective ways of eradicating bugs. These products are dreadful and emit awful smell. Notwithstanding its awful smell, if you put on a DEET spray, the bugs will stay away from you. But please avoid applying these sprays directing on your skin. A lightweight shirt, pants, and hat sprayed with any deet commodity usually help.


Citronella candles are natural insect repellant products. These candles which are manufactured with citronella, an insect repellant ward off bugs.


Mosquito coil is another useful commodity that can be used to keep the bugs away from your campsite. The coils diffuse repelling scent and smoke and help decrease bugs.


There are lots of camping lanterns designed to repel insects. Such lanterns contain a removable cartridge that emits a scent. This scent fights the bugs and keeps them away from its jurisdiction. These removable cartridges should be replaced when necessary.


The trusty head net is adequate for preventing bug storms and are also lovely hiking and fishing nets.


When all the above-listed techniques fail, consider making use of a screen room. Tents have been designed to protect its users from bugs while allowing them to have a splendid time outdoors. A screen room is a tent with screen walls. It keeps bugs away thereby enabling you to spend some time outside.

You can also bring the good tent for a enjoyable camping trips.

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